The New Fad: Juicing, but with BENEFITS!

     In the last month, I was fortunate enough to team up with an amazing Canadian company called Welo. Welo reached out to me, via Instagram, and asked if I wanted to try some products on their behalf. I was head over heels excited to try such healthy products from a local company. Prior to receiving the products, I learned that Welo sells pressed juices, drinkable apple cider vinegars, ferments, and bars (all with added benefits such as probiotics!). Not only that, but 5 cents from every bottle they sell, goes towards building water wells in Africa. At this point, I'm now in love with the company. 

     Once I received the products, I was in no way obligated to post anything about them/review them. However, after trying each thing out, I couldn't keep the deliciousness away from the world. How can something so healthy taste so good?!

     My favourite thing about each product was that they all had a very distinct flavour. The Probiotic Ferment (first photo) tasted very similar to a sparkling water, very light with a subtle hint of flavour. The Apple Cider Vinegar Drink definitely had that vinegar kick to it, but it was refreshing with the grapefruit blend. My all time favourite, the Cold Pressed Probiotic (third picture) had a very light juice taste to it, the Beet wasn't overpowering at all! Lastly, the Probiotic bar, was delicious and chewy, not overly crunchy (which is something I always hated about most granola bars). Overall, I'm incredibly impressed with the Welo products, and would 100% recommend them to anyone who needs a little boost in their overall diet and health. 

Thanks again for the love Welo, and thanks for reading today's post everyone!

Have a Wonderful Wednesday,
xx - Ariana


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