Pumpkin Patch Style (a series), Part One

Judging by my blog theme, one could only assume that I'm a fan of fall (and pumpkins) right? It's an accurate assumption for sure. I've always been a major fall/autumn enthusiast, but the basic girl in me has come out even more-so with age (probably due to the obsessive latte drinking and the social media craze that our society is currently going through). All that aside, we can't deny that autumn brings about the most beautiful colours and scenery than any other season does. I can't pass up an opportunity to throw on some seasonally appropriate attire and take photos at a pumpkin patch now can I? 

I call this "Part One" of my pumpkin patch series, because I'm certain that I'll be making several stops to the patches until the end of the month. 

Here's the first look I've created for my trip to Pingles Farm Market, in Hampton, Ontario: 

T-Shirt: Kohls || Skirt: H&M (similar or similar) || Boots: Stitches (similar) ||

See you on my next pumpkin pickin' adventure!

Have a Wicked Wednesday,