Beautiful Fall Colours in Dorset, Ontario

Dorset, Ontario was a sight to see on the 20th of October. The colours hadn't quite started changing yet where I lived, so my boyfriend and I decided we needed to travel to a cooler location to find the best fall colours we possibly could. I'd say we definitely hit jackpot that day. It was finally starting to feel like fall, but not cold enough that my cheeks were rosy from the air. 

As we were driving to our destination, we were in awe from all the beautiful bright trees along the sides of the road. As if the actual area wasn't astonishing enough, the lookout tower view was breathtaking. We could see amber-coloured trees for miles. I'm a sucker for fall and all the colours surrounding the season, so this day trip was definitely a treat for me.

Jacket: American Eagle (Similar) || Shirt: Kohl's (Similar) || Pants: Lululemon || Shoes: Adidas ||

Now that we've hit the end of the October, the weather has seriously changed. It's so much cooler out, and there's even possible snow in forecast in the next few days! I'm grateful for all of the exciting fall/halloween themed outings I was able to go on this month, and I'm looking forward to what the winter months bring! Stay tuned for a more festive theme coming soon. 

Have a safe Halloween and a "Terrifying" Tuesday!

Pumpkin Patch Style (a series), Part Three

Could there possibly be more pumpkin patches in my area to visit? The answer is yes, definitely yes. If anything, you can count on this girl right here to find them. 

This time, the adventure took place at Watson Farms, in Bowmanville Ontario. Much like the other pumpkin patches I've visited so far, this one had an area filled with a wide variety of pumpkins to choose from, a cute little gift shop with: crafts, baked goods, apples grown right on the farm, and other delicious goodies, there was a kids area called "Watsonland" with a petting zoo and play area, and there were wagon rides offered (to take you apple picking). 

It was such a great set-up overall, I loved the Halloween decor as an added touch as well. However, the icing to the cake of my visit had to be the goats and sheep in the petting zoo. There's something about the noises that sheep make that just send me into a fit of laughter, it was a great way to brighten up such a cloudy day. 

Check out the photos below from my visit:

Sweater: American Eagle (similar) || Jeans: American Eagle || Purse: Roots || 

Could this be it for pumpkin patch adventures? Who knows! But the Halloween and fall festivities are certainly not over, stay subscribed for more!

Have a Spell-bounding Sunday everyone!

Soph x Makeup Revolution Palettes - Worth it?

Over the past couple of weeks, I was noticing a bit of a buzz in the makeup community over an extremely affordable eyeshadow (and highlighter) palette. I'm a sucker for a good eyeshadow palette, especially if there are tons of colours I can work with, and if it's fall themed? Bingo! This palette seemed like it was right up my alley. 

Youtuber/Beauty Guru sophdoesnails collaborated with a UK based cosmetics company called Makeup Revolution to create both an eyeshadow palette and a highlighter palette. Both palettes were created to express Soph's true individuality, as well as cater to the rest of the makeup community. 

The eyeshadow palette ($16.38 CAD) features rich and warm tones, perfect for the cooler seasons, as well as a pop of more fun and experimental colours to play with towards the middle of the palette. 

I was a little hesitant to start playing with these shadows, as this brand is considered "drug store", and I was worried the quality wouldn't hold up to my usual Modern Renaissance standards (who doesn't love that palette?!). However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that these colours were actually extremely easy to use and blend on the eyes, even the dark shades! 

Here's a simple, everyday "fall" look I created, using the shades: Iced Coffee and Cuppa Tea in the crease, Peaches and Tiramisu blended towards the outer edge of the crease, Danger blended in the very outer corner towards the centre, Grow Old (finger patted) all over the lid and blended out with a brush to remove excess glitter at the top, and Fairy Lights in the inner corner. I used Nightmare as my eyeliner (look at that pigment!), and blended the matte colours into my waterline as well.

As for the highlighter palette ($13.12 CAD), I was a little less enthusiastic about it, but still very pleased considering the price point.

The first thing I noticed about this palette was how "pretty" the colours were. That's literally the best word I can use for it. Its simply pretty. In terms of "glowability", these shades give off a subtle to medium glow, so if you're looking for something utterly blinding, stick to those Becca ones! But for a daytime look, I think I'll definitely enjoy using these. One thing I noticed about these shades was that they do not fare well with a fan brush, so I'll definitely be using a more dense brush to pack the pigment on. I especially loved how these highlights showed up under my brow bone and cupids bow.

Now it's time for the 1-10 scale! 1 being poor and 10 being excellent.

Eyeshadow Palette
Colours: 10/10
Theme: 10/10
Matte-Shimmer Ratio: 10/10
Blendability: 10/10
Pigment: 8/10
Fall-out: 8/10
Stay Power: 10/10

Overall, the shadow palette is a solid 9/10 for me. I'll be reaching for this almost daily!

Highlight Palette
Colours: 8/10
Theme: 9/10
Glow Factor: 7/10
Blendability: 8/10
Pigment: 7/10
Fall-out: 10/10
Stay Power: 7/10

Overall, the highlight palette gets a 7/10 for me. Above average considering the colours fit my fair skin tone nicely, and the quality performs well for the price point. 

I would definitely recommend these two products to anyone looking for budget-friendly and fall appropriate colours, that perform with high-end quality.

Have a Thrilling Thursday everyone!

Pumpkin Patch Style (a series), Part Two

And we're back at the Pumpkin Patches! (did you think it would take me long?) This time I hit up another local pumpkin farm called: "Knox Pumpkin Farm", located in Clarington, Ontario. It was $5 admission per-person ($7 on weekends).  The farm was so big, I've never seen so many pumpkins growing in all my life. I ventured around the property and enjoyed all the cute little scenery, as well as the barn area where several animals were happy to interact with me. Other activities offered at the farm were wagon rides, a corn maze, and face painting on weekends. 

Check out the photos below of my casual and comfy outfit during my visit:

Shirt: Meijer (similar on Etsy) || Pants: lululemon || Boots: Roxy (similar) ||

Thanks for going on this adventure with me! Stay tuned to see what I'm up to next,

Have a Spooky Saturday,

Pumpkin Patch Style (a series), Part One

Judging by my blog theme, one could only assume that I'm a fan of fall (and pumpkins) right? It's an accurate assumption for sure. I've always been a major fall/autumn enthusiast, but the basic girl in me has come out even more-so with age (probably due to the obsessive latte drinking and the social media craze that our society is currently going through). All that aside, we can't deny that autumn brings about the most beautiful colours and scenery than any other season does. I can't pass up an opportunity to throw on some seasonally appropriate attire and take photos at a pumpkin patch now can I? 

I call this "Part One" of my pumpkin patch series, because I'm certain that I'll be making several stops to the patches until the end of the month. 

Here's the first look I've created for my trip to Pingles Farm Market, in Hampton, Ontario: 

T-Shirt: Kohls || Skirt: H&M (similar or similar) || Boots: Stitches (similar) ||

See you on my next pumpkin pickin' adventure!

Have a Wicked Wednesday,

Fashion in "The Town of Derry"

If you're like me, and you're a sucker for a good horror movie, then I'm sure you've seen the latest It remake from Stephen King. In light of this new release (and after seeing the film), I decided to travel to one of the filming locations from this movie (Port Hope, Ontario). This quaint little town was transformed into the town of Derry, a town from the Stephen King novel It. I was amazed to see how many things from Port Hope I had actually recognized in the film itself. It was exciting to see somewhere so close to me in such a highly anticipated movie. 

Here are some photos featuring the look I created for my visit:

Choker: Forever21 (similar) || Blouse: Kohls || Skirt: H&M || Purse: Roots ||

That's all for now, until next time! 

Have a Magical Monday :)