Beautiful Fall Colours in Dorset, Ontario

Dorset, Ontario was a sight to see on the 20th of October. The colours hadn't quite started changing yet where I lived, so my boyfriend and I decided we needed to travel to a cooler location to find the best fall colours we possibly could. I'd say we definitely hit jackpot that day. It was finally starting to feel like fall, but not cold enough that my cheeks were rosy from the air. 

As we were driving to our destination, we were in awe from all the beautiful bright trees along the sides of the road. As if the actual area wasn't astonishing enough, the lookout tower view was breathtaking. We could see amber-coloured trees for miles. I'm a sucker for fall and all the colours surrounding the season, so this day trip was definitely a treat for me.

Jacket: American Eagle (Similar) || Shirt: Kohl's (Similar) || Pants: Lululemon || Shoes: Adidas ||

Now that we've hit the end of the October, the weather has seriously changed. It's so much cooler out, and there's even possible snow in forecast in the next few days! I'm grateful for all of the exciting fall/halloween themed outings I was able to go on this month, and I'm looking forward to what the winter months bring! Stay tuned for a more festive theme coming soon. 

Have a safe Halloween and a "Terrifying" Tuesday!